About Shannon

I love living in this beautiful city. I love its spirit of inclusion and its diverse neighbourhoods; its incredibly designed buildings and homes and, most especially, I love its people. I’m very lucky that for the past decade I have had the privilege of helping Torontonians buy and sell real estate.

Every property has a feeling and I’m here to help you find it – Whether it’s seeking that feeling when buying a home that’s right for you or creating that feeling within your home to sell – My passion is my intuition and my creativity.

I knew when I bought my first property in my 20s as a struggling artist that I wanted to share with others that no matter where you are in life, whatever your financial situation, that it is possible to be a home owner in this city. Now, as a mother and after many years owning multiple homes, investment properties and a vacation property, I appreciate the importance of home ownership and establishing income streams to support my family. I am proud to share the steps you need to take to achieve this goal for yourself. Sometimes these steps will require time and patience and sometimes they will happen quickly. But the soul of my business will always be in my long term relationships to my clients on this path. Whether it’s an epic road trip adventure or around the block corner-store jog, I’m with you no matter how long it takes. Home is a feeling – You can’t rush the arrival.

My goal is for you to arrive home.


Shannon Barnett Real Estate